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A Hat full of rain

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Size/format: 70 x 100 cm.


Very nice poster by Julian Schnabel.

We recommend that this poster be mounted on cardboard. Buy it here.

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Julian Schnabel - the artist behind the work  

Julian Schabel is an american multiartist who has created award-winning films and in painting, he is known as a seminal and virtuoso artist. He is particularly known for his work with surprising and unpredictable materials. In 1978, he started working on his so-called plate painting which later gave him international attention. The plate paintings consist of big layers of destroyed porcelain and oil paint, amongst other things.

Hat Full of Rain - posterart that catches the eye

The Hat Full of Rain series is originally made on large canvases. This looks spontaneous and casual but make no mistake: it involves a physical investment since the works are larger than Schnabel himself and the process of making this work has involved using ladders. This is why it is said that the Hat Full of Rain series goes beyond the body.

Let exciting posterart get a place in your home 

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