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H. C. Andersen

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Posters by our beloved H. C. Andersen

If you think your home is getting a little too gray and sad and you are lacking something to give your home a loving hand, then you've come to the right place. With the posters of the world-renowned Danish author and artist, H. C. Andersen on your wall, you are guaranteed joy and encouragement in your life. The posters in this category are with paper cuttings from H. C. Andersen. These include posters with fairytale castles, great line dancers and, not least, self-portraits of the man himself. Besides the paper cuttings posters adorned with the most beautiful designs, they are also filled with dymanic colours and shades. The motif of the posters contrasts nicely with their background, and therefore a contrasting expression arises which gives the posters a wonderful and intense depth.


H. C. Andersen was born in 1805 in Odens, Denmark, and died in 1875 in the capital, Copenhagen. As a 14-year-old, he decided to leave Odense, in favour of pursuing his dream at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. H. C. Andersen was then offered work at the theater without a fixed salary, after which he was given the opportunity to complete a degree at a Latin school. After completing his education in 1829, his deep interest in the poet genre began, and he soon decided to seek happiness in the field. H. C. Andersen gained increasing fame, especially due to his adventures and stories, which are nowadays translated into a myriad of different languages. The poet was very traveled, and gained a large circle of friends in Europe among well-known artist and sciencist. Shortly after his death, he was honored in England as the greatest living writer in the world.

H. C. Andersen as a source of inspiration

H. C. Andersen, with his Danish poems, adventures and paper cutting, fought his way to the first place as Denmark's source of inspiration when it came to poetry and writing. But it is not only in Denmark that there is great interest in the poet. All over the world, his poems and short stories are read, his stories told and talked about how important he has been to the adventure genre. In the film industry, too, there is great enthusiasm for H. C. Andersen and his works, which films such as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling nicely illustrate. H. C. Andersen is also said to have invented the famous Christmas heart.



The posters by H. C. Andersen are a must-have for the ultimate children's room. With the fine posters of H. C. Andersen's paper cutting, there is always the opportunity to tell one of his many adventurers. The posters thus call for a current adult-child relationship, where imagination and creativity are the focal points.