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Storm P. posters

At Permild & Rosengreen, a selection of posters by Storm P. can be found out of his large collection of works. Storm P. posters are, as the saying goes, called "flies" and they are recognizable for most people. So if you are missing some wise words, a cheerful remark or a pensive illustration in your home, then you might be able to find a poster here at Permild & Rosengreen. We offer free delivery, shipping within 1-3 working days and 30 days full return. Explore our selection and read a bit about the history about Storm P. and find inspiration in his quirky works.


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The success of the cartoonist

Robert Storm Petersen was a Danish cartoonist, author, illustrator, animator, painter and humourist. Robert Storm Petersen, who is almost exclusively known by the name, Storm P., was born in 1882 and died in the year of 1949. Storm P. grew up in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, as the son of a butcher and thus part of the lower end of the middle class. As a young man, he studied at the Academy of Fine Art, interrupting the study in favour of following his passion and dream of painting, drawing and writing. After he interrupted his education, he worked as a freelance painter, illustrator and cabaret entertainer. During World War 1, Storm P. was a relatively well-known artist in Denmark, and from about 1920 he gained more and more success. For a long time, he was associated with the Copenhagen newspaper, Berlingske Tidende, where he was employed as a cartoonist. Although Storm P. is world-renowned and loved by the vast majority of his countrymen, he has been criticized for being toothless and cosy. Storm P.’s works do not centre a social criticism or revolutionary opinions, but rather focus on humanity and natural, macabre themes such as death and sorrow.

Beloved humourist

It is safe to say that Storm P. has had a great influence on Danish citizens. He has managed to reach most people through his macabre and pleasant works, which is why in 1977 “Storm P. Museum” was built in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. Not only do you pay tribute to Storm P. at this museum, but his face has even been on a Danish stamp. Take a stroll past the fine museum and experience Storm P.’s satirical universe, where there is room to be both happy and unhappy.

Storm P. at Permild & Rosengreen

Also here at Permild & Rosengreen you have the opportunity to experience Storm P’s many works. Here, you will find mainly some of his melancholy and macabre works. Among these are posters such as “P, THE LAST LEAF” and “P, INDOOR AND OUTDOOR”. The latter is with a motif of two community groups that are separated by a great wall. While on community group is portrayed in beautiful saturated colours, the other group is in bright, colourless shades. This poster is one of Storm P.’s reflections on humanity, focusing on the good versus the bad.

Order your favourite Storm P. poster today and get free delivery, shipping within 1-3 working days and 30 days full return.