Frequently asked questions

Will the poster be framed?

If you order a poster and a frame together, we will mount the poster in the frame, so it is ready to be hung up on your walls as soon as you receive it. The frames is made with real glass, and it will be cleaned before it is sent, so it looks shiny and ready for you to hang up in your home.

Do you use FSC certified paper?

Yes, our paper is FSC certified. At Permild & Rosengreen we do anything we can to take care of the environment. That is why our posters is produced with FSC-certified paper, that assures responsibly managed forests. It assures that there will be cut down no more trees than the forest can reproduce. FSC is also a safety of protection for the life of animals and plants in the nature, and proper working conditions for the workers of the forest.

I want to return/change my order, how do I do?

You can always mail us at [email protected], with your order number, and tell us what you wish to return.
Return the product to the address beneath, within 30 days.
As soon as we receive the product(s) in the same condition as we sent it in in the first place, the money will be returned to your account.
You are responsible for the payment of the return, and that the product will return to us in good condition.
The package can only be returned to our direct address.

Permild & Rosengreen

Navervej 28 A
4000 Roskilde

Does your frames contain glass?

Our frames contains real glass, unless the frame is bigger than 50 x 70 cm and is for an international delivery. We have had some bad experience with sending bigger frames with real glass out of the country, which is why we have decided to mount plexi glass in our big frames for international orders. 



Are your frames made by wood?

Yes, all of our frames are made by solid oak wood.

Stripes in the oak frames

Oak is heavy, massive and strong.
The extraordinary strength, good durability and high quality of oak is the reason why it is often being used for floors, fences, tools, barrels, furniture etc.
The core of the tree differs from the splinter in fresh tree by being grey-yellow. Exposured by light, the color of the core changes to brown. The annual rings are evident in both the cross-section and longitudinal section.
Historically, the oak wood has been used for many different things through time, such as half-timbering in houses, crank wood for ships, and shingles.
Due to the high tannin content of the oak wood, it has also been used for storage and maturation of wine and spirits.
Source: Miljøstyrrelsen

How do I hang my big framed poster on the wall?

How do I hang my big framed poster on the wall?
If you have received one of our big framed posters, delivered by a carrier, you will find the metal pieces to hang the frame in, in the corners of the frame beneath the white protecting cardboard corners.

What are your opening hours and addresses?

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Navervej 28 A
4000 Roskilde

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