At Permild & Rosengreen you will find a large selection of posters for the home. Explore the range below, and find the designs that fit your interior design - whether you are looking for cheap posters for the living room, cute motifs for the nursery or anything else.

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Posters for the living room, children's room and office - find posters for the home of Permild & Rosengreen

If there are any decorations on the walls of the living room, in the children's room or perhaps in the bedroom, posters are often a great choice! There are countless variants in just as many sizes, colors and motifs - it is only the imagination that sets limits. Over time, there have been many different poster trends, and they still change occasionally. But some posters have gone back for many years and will most likely continue with it.

At Permild & Rosengreen we have done a lot of our posters, and we have collected posters for every taste. We have everything from art posters to the children's room to retro posters for the living room or kitchen.

Only the imagination sets limits on how you want to combine your decor with our beautiful posters. Our posters are for both those who are just starting to interest you in posters, and for the experienced poster buyer.

Are you looking for posters for the living room that create both eye-catcher and coziness? See also our selection of great mega posters.

Childrens posters

One type of poster that probably never goes out of fashion is children's posters. Almost all children have a good eye for a particular Disney character, a particular type of animal or perhaps a cartoon or feature film. But it is clear that the children cannot sit in front of Netflix or the television all day - but that is why they still want to be able to look at Donald Duck or a completely different favorite figure. It is quickly resolved by hanging up a poster with the favorite fantasy character.

Children's posters are usually not that expensive, and then a poster is easy to hang up with the help of drawing pins or so-called "elephant note" - and just as easy to pill and replace with another motif. As often happens with children, they change their mind and attitude towards almost everything in life, as they grow older - sometimes from one day to the other day. So when your child does not bother to look at Anders And more, it is nice that it was not expensive to buy the poster - and that it is super easy to peel it down (and possibly save it) and buy a new one. And, as I said, it is only the imagination that sets limits to colors, motifs and much more - there is virtually everything in posters for children.

Posters for the home

It is not just the children's room that needs life on the walls. And at Permild & Rosengreen you will also find posters for the home in all forms.

But you may not always be interested in getting out and investing large sums of money in expensive paintings from well-known artists, even if you actually like the motives. Fortunately, there is also a solution to this; art posters and design posters! Explore the two categories and find cheap posters for the living room and other home rooms. Known motifs of several different artists have over time been printed on posters and remain so. Of course, one can see the difference between the original painting and a poster - but if it is only the motive you like, it is completely indifferent.

If you want a look that does not scream "poster", you can advantageously put it in a nice frame, which on top of that perhaps fits super well to the rest of the decor in the house - and in this way create a red thread between the decor and decorate the walls.

Many motifs from well-known Danish designers such as Peter Kjær-Andersen are also available on posters. These are currently super trendy to have hanging like the old Tivoli motifs and Copenhagen motifs. Perhaps this is because it is super retro in a bold way - and that it is printed on a poster, makes it again super simple both to hang up and possibly replace. Most people choose to put posters in frames when they hang them up in the home. It adds first and foremost a more aesthetic expression to the room - and then a frame also makes it easy to replace a poster without having to make new holes in the wall or leave grease stains after the so-called "elephant note".

Landscapes and flowers

Many love flowers. But it can both be expensive to have fresh flowers standing all the time, and it also requires care in the form of watering, transplanting and all that belongs.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful colors and the refreshing dispute of nature in the home with no hassle and withered leaves, you can of course also choose to put some color on your home by hanging a poster with a beautiful motif of a bouquet of flowers, a single flower or maybe even a whole plantation. It can either be motifs that are painted or photographs printed on a poster. Something that is also very up in time with some people, are posters with motives of landscapes - and preferably Danish landscapes.

Denmark has really very nice nature, and we Danes are good at forgetting sometimes - especially if we live in some of the larger cities. Therefore, a poster with a motif from the North Sea or the heath in South Jutland can both be super nice but also remind us that we live in a super nice country. But also posters with motifs from old days are popular with some and can create a balance in a typical Danish / Nordic décor.

The size of posters

Just as there are many different motifs and colors when it comes to posters, there is also a myriad of sizes. Some want to have very large posters for the living room hanging over the sofa, where there is usually a lot of space on the wall - and it can also look super fat. When you enter a home, the decor - including the decorations on the walls - reflects
like the residents' personality, style and lifestyle - and then it is great that you can freely choose what suits your home best.

Smaller posters are often used in the kitchen and in the bathroom - and maybe you have one or two hanging over a shelf or desk. It's great that the possibilities are almost endless - and therefore there are an incredible number of opportunities to make your home personal with posters.
Of course one can also choose to mix his or her decorations on the walls with paintings and posters - it does not have to be either or, and you can easily create super cool designs by being a bit creative yourself and choosing motifs that might fit well - without It is actually the meaning. And if you get tired of it, you can just buy new posters and change one or more of them!

Limited edition posters - unique home posters

There are a myriad of posters, and many known prints are available in endless numbers and will always be repurchased. It is of course a super nice option - but if you want to have posters that not everyone and every man has, the solution is quite simple: Limited edition posters, which are only produced in a limited party. This gives you a poster that is a little more unique.

When we talk about limited edition posters, first of all, they are a lot more expensive than
traditional posters that get repressed - and that really makes very good sense. Besides the fact that the posters are produced in a limited number, this type of poster is most often of a well-known and recognized designer or artist - it is also partly because the price is a part
higher than with a regular poster.

Artists behind limited edition posters

An example of limited edition posters could be motifs by well-known artist Paul McCarthy, who has produced a number of posters. McCarthy's well-known motifs are in the slightly more special category with very provocative motives - and are probably far from everyone, and therefore it will be very individual if you are for that kind of thing.

If you want posters for the living room or home with more stylish designs with strong colors and contrasts, we can recommend the artist Ole Christiansen. His posters would be good at breaking a typical black and white decor, which we are quite likely to have in the Nordic region / Denmark. The artist uses a lot of contrast between black and bright red, and his posters also have very sharp lines, which will help maintain a stylish expression.

If you are into the more abstract, slightly more colors and different motifs, Trine Boesen is a good one
starting point. She has produced some super fine posters with motifs that look more
graphic out and has many different colors and shadows, and as partout should not imagine anything quite specific. The expression in her posters is very fresh and will surely give a super good breath to any decor.

Hanging posters

Once you've purchased the posters you want in your home, the next step is to find a place for it
All of them - and find the way to hang them up that fits best into the home. Here are some different options, depending on where they should hang and what you personally are for. You can either hang your poster up with drawing pins or the so-called "elephant note". However, it makes it very visible that it is a poster you have hung up. If you want a slightly more artistic expression and a poster that may look more like a painting or maybe even a picture, you can advantageously put your posters in a nice frame and hang them up as a regular picture.

The possibilities are many and only the imagination limits the use of posters. Experience the selection of posters for the home of Permild & Rosengreen, and find inspiration for your own decor.