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Illustrations and free flow of thought

With a good pencil or a pointed brush you come a long way. This is exactly evident on the site here. On this page you will find Permild & Rosengreen's large selection of illustrations by various competent artists.

An illustration is a free interpretation or explanation of a text, form or process - where words like "free" are important. When an artist illustrates, it happens as a result of the artist's subjective flow of thought and understanding of the outside world.

Due to the free, subjective flow of thought of each and every artist, you have a wealth of opportunities to find exactly the poster that suits your taste!

Are you into a really nice colour and sharp edges? Or are you more into subdued shades and rounded shapes? Whatever you can agree to the first or second question, you will surely find something for you here on the site.

Posters for the kids room and the colour lover

Among the many illustrations, you will find the fine illustrations by the clothing designer Mia Lindbirk. Mia Lindbirk goes by the artist name MUUI and is characterized by the use of few colours and childish motifs.

You will, among other things, find her poster with Doodle Girl that every girl would love to have hanging in her room. If you are more in favor of a lot of saturated colours, Julie Bidstrup's posters are perfect for you.

Julie Bidstrup captures, with her posters of girls, feelings like sadness, chaos and rest, which contrasts sharply with the high colour usage. This contrast gives the poster an irresistible duplicity!