Posters for the summer cottage

Here is a collection of posters that are perfect for the summer home, whether it is the bath hotel atmosphere you are looking for, a classic cream strawberry, minimalist or a Nordic summer mood.

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Summer cottage equal cosiness and togetherness

Especially in Denmark it has become more and more popular over the years to buy a summer cottage. In Denmark, a summer cottage is usually used as a holiday home. It is a place to escape and to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For that reason, summer cottages are usually characterized by an extremely homely and cosy atmosphere. That is, a campfire so you can shake marshmallows, a big lovely sofa with lots of pillows and not least a small kitchen, so you can make your own delicious dishes and desserts. The little cottages are perfect for those who appreciate a break from everyday life, where cosy togetherness is a priority.

Achieve the cosiness with posters

Here you will find many different posters, each with its own motif. Among these are also many different artists, who of course have their own way of expressing themselves. However, most of the summer cottage posters are similar in that they are dominated by unsaturated, dusty pastel colours. These unsaturated colours give the posters a calm expression, which spreads cosiness and presence in any room. That is why these posters are obviously for hanging in the cottage, where an extra feeling of cosiness and calmness is needed.

Flowers and landscapes

Among the finest summer cottage posters you will find, for example, the beautiful flower posters from Johannes Holtzbecker's collection named "Flower Arrangement" from The National Gallery of Denmark. The posters by Holtzbecker are classic for its time, and are perfect for those who love the classic art style as well as neutral shades. In addition, you will also find a lot of posters with landscapes, such as "BATHING BOYS A SUMMER EVENING BY THE BEACH'S BEACH", which are adorned with bluish shades and soft brush strokes.