FN's 17 Danish Sustainable Development Goal posters

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In 2015, the UN adopted 17 world goals on sustainability and development. These world goals apply to everyone, including rich as well as poor, thick as well as thin and tall as well as low.
The purpose of these goals is to develop the world in a sustainable and effective way. Among these goals are concrete goals such as ensuring quality education, improving the climate and ensuring health and well-being.
These world goals have been mentioned in the media, newspapers and the like, but have now been specified and communicated through the finest posters.
With 17 different posters, the organization puts Chora Connection colours, words and shapes on what the 17 world goals simply require and mean.
A poster such as "UN'S SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS NO. 4" concentrates on the importance of quality education, which is why the poster is built around a lot of colours and creative forms, as well as the quotation "Education for everyone". These posters not only contribute with life, colour and joy in any room, but are the perfect start of conversation. With such a poster you and your friends can discuss topics such as hunger, education and security.