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Take the art home

There are a lot of people all over the world who just love art. Of course, if you are one of them, you should have the opportunity to bring some of the most beautiful and popular art pieces with you home so you can hang it up at home.
At museums such as The National Gallery of Denmark, Louisiana, National Museum Stockholm and Galerie Maeght, you can walk around and enjoy the beautiful art that hangs in the various exhibitions. The exhibitions change all the time, as there is of course room for new and beautiful art. If you have been to one or more of the museums you may have wanted to bring some of it home with you. Maybe you think that you obviously can't get the art from the museum home. And that's true, too. You can't bring the original works home, but you have the opportunity to find beautiful art posters with copies of the many great works here at Permild & Rosengreen. That way you can bring the art home with you and decorate your home with real art.