Mega posters

Have you grown tired of the expression in your living room? Do you need new visual impressions on the walls? Or do you just have too much space left on the wall in the living room, office or bedroom?
See the selection of mega posters at Permild & Rosengreen. Explore the range below, or see our entire collection of posters here.

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Mega Posters - Create an eye-catcher in the living room with a large poster

It can be a costly deal to change out all the furniture and trinkets just because you have become a little tired of how it all looks. An easy way to change this feeling is with large posters. If you are used to having posters and pictures hanging from regular sizes, hanging a giant poster can really do something for the room. For many, however, it can be a big step to take. Because the larger the poster, the more you notice it. And not everyone is brave enough to hang up a huge poster that fills the entire wall. But if you are tired of what the room looks like, it can be a good and effective solution. If you compare the cost of one or more mega posters with the expense of having to change the entire living room by changing the furniture or repainting and redecorating, it is a much less cumbersome and expensive scope to simply hang a large poster on one of the walls. And at Permild & Rosengreen you can even explore a large selection of mega posters at extremely competitive prices.

Huge posters for the living room

We Danes may be a little modest and restrained when it comes to visual impressions and paying attention to ourselves. And empty walls in the living room are also a Danes' 5 worst interior flaws according to stylist and decorator Nanna Winther. The empty walls make the living room look unfinished and impersonal. Therefore, you can advantageously give life to the decor with posters of a slightly larger format. Incidentally, it is also quite obvious to hang one of the large posters in his living room. Here you spend a lot of time and will therefore be able to enjoy the poster a lot. Many people also have some great, large walls in the living room that really invite for a larger and eye-catching poster. The large posters can act as a kind of mural. It is very permanent to get a mural directly painted on the wall. With the large posters, you can easily replace it if you end up getting tired of the subject after a while.

You have to remember this when buying mega posters

If you would like a large poster, you really need to consider the subject. Some motifs may seem violent in that size. For example, human faces and animal faces will be very violent in that size.
However, it will often be really neat with different motifs of nature. For example, it could be a beautiful natural landscape from a forest or a moor. Here it will also be extra fine if the picture contains a nice sunrise or sunset. It will also be great with pictures of waterfalls or rain. You just have to make sure that the subject has some tranquility when it is that size - unless of course you are looking for something a little more startling and provocative in the expression.