Kitchen posters

Do you need some life on the walls of the kitchen - for example in the form of atmospheric and stylish kitchen posters?
At Permild & Rosengreen you will always find a huge selection of posters for every room in the home - of course also the kitchen.

On this page we have put together a nice selection of posters that will do really well in the kitchen. Explore the assortment and order posters that match the décor of your kitchen.

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100 years ago, the kitchen had a low status. The kitchen was a place of work reserved for the house's servants - and modern facilities such as range and ventilation were far out in the future. The kitchen was then also far from any relaxing place to stay because of the madosis, steam and noise of pots and pans. Therefore, the domination of the house remained far away. And the kitchen was also well stored by the way - often located in the basement or out to the backyard. Eventually, the kitchen became a gathering point for the whole family - and the kitchen became a place that was as much a part of the home as the dining or living room. That is why many people still emphasize the decor of the home's kitchen today. It is not just a practical space - it is a social space that we want to reflect our personality and individual tastes. At the same time, we spend many hours in the kitchen. We therefore seek to create the good atmosphere - and the good atmosphere is created by kitchen posters and other visual impressions.

See the selection and order posters for the kitchen

At Permild & Rosengreen, it has always been our mission to add style and ambiance to our clients' homes. That's why our collection of posters is carefully composed - and the selection of kitchen posters is no exception. Here you will find a selection of posters that go well with a wide variety of décor styles and expressions. You will find both the classic kitchen posters such as Aage Sikker Hansen's classic and timeless works The Coffee Girl and Davregryn as well as more contemporary poster prints. There is certainly also a poster that fits in your kitchen - whether the expression in the room is characterized by modern minimalism, clean steel or rural idyll. The purpose of our collection of posters for the kitchen is to give you inspiration for classic poster design that emphasizes the purpose of the kitchen in a humorous, aesthetic and colorful way. We hope you will be inspired by the interior design and renovation of your kitchen.