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Find your very own unique poster style here

Take a look at this beautiful, unique poster called "Pionnières" with the most amazing colors and expression. It is here shown is one of our special made grey frames, which works very well with this motif. The poster is sold including the a frame in color of own choice. The size is 38 x 57,3 cm.

Read more here:

- Pionnières, Tamara De Lempicka (only available in Denmark)


Do you love Helene Schjerfbeck too? Did you know that there is a very well made and touching movie about her life? The movie can be rented at Viaplay. I for sure have plans to rewatch the movie and all details.

Read more about the poster on the picture right here:

- Circus girl, Schjerfbeck




The beautiful Vilhelm Lundstrøm sketch is now available in size 50 x 70 cm. It is very unique and incredibly beautiful, and has the most wonderful colors. A great poster for the bedroom as well as the bathroom.

Read more below:

- Vilhelm Lundstrom

- Gabriele Münter (sold out)

- L'hirondelle (green)



The absolutely beautiful "Oysters" poster by Manet in a wonderful combination with the Vilhelm Lundstrom poster of Hanne Wilhelm Hansen. New poster(s) for the kitchen walls? They would have a great impact on the creativity in the kitchen.

Read more about the posters here:

- Oysters, Manet

- Vilhelm Lundstrom

- Memorial Garden, Kevin Sloan




The brand new "When time stops" by amazing Hammershøi is unbelievably beautiful. We all know the well-known interior motifs from Strandgade, but this one is just something special. "When time stops" goes very well with both Linoleum, and as seen on the picture, the L'hirondelle in blue, and the "Twins" poster from our webshop.

Learn more right here:

- When time stops

- L'hirondelle, blue

- Twins




Hammershøi, Michael Ancher, Spilliaert og Picasso. Four absolutely beautiful motifs for a stunning art wall with pretty blue colors, and tones of mint. The price of all four motifs including the frames is 2.639 DKK. All posters can be found on our webshop.

Read more below:

- Hammershøi

- Michael Ancher

- Spilliaert

- Picasso


Le Corbusier in a white frame! It is large, but also incredibly beautiful with the most amazing balance between the feminine and the masculine. A great motif for the kitchen-dining area, or for the living room. Size including the frame: 92 x 129 cm. This specifik poster and frame is avaiable in the store at Frederikbserg right now!

See the poster here:

- Le Corbusier (only available in Denmark)




Another beautiful new poster in the webshop called L'hirondelle. This is the green version, and is part of a series of three different versions. The poster comes in many different sizes!

Read more about the wonderful bird right here:

- L'hirondelle, green






The long Claude Monet motif is absolutely stunning, with its amzing colorful flowers - on this picture it is seen with wonderful broided pillows from @hubschinterior. It is all the small references in the colors that makes the decoration wonderful and unique!

Read more below:

- Claude Monet


This amazing poster by Edouard Manet (not Monet😅) is part of the autumns posternews for the kitchen walls. It has the most beautiful colors, and the finest impressions from the oysters and limes.

Learn more here:

- Edouard Manet


The wonderful "Stuck on a feeling" motif fits together with so many posters, espacially posters with portraits or flowers in them. (size 50 x 70 cm)

Read more about the posters from the picture below:

- Stuck on a feeling, pink

- Jazzplakat, Gerry Mulligan

- Circus girl




Three beautiful posters that would look amazing on the walls in the kitchen or the living room. The most wonderful red colors and different posters that are beautiful in their own way. Inger Sitter, Corn Poppy and Babette.

Read more about them below:

- Inger Sitter

- Corn Poppy

- Babette


Some wonderful posters for the walls in the home in these warm summer months. Light and beautiful colors, that goes very well together, or alone seperately. A combination of different amzing artists, and poster in diferent sizes, in different styles. 

Read more about each poster right here:

- Small Picasso

- Anna Ancher

- Waves, Peach

- Miró & Jorn



The cutest small drawing by the old famous danish artist Storm P. A wonderful little passepartout drawing to hang in the entrance or as a part of a bigger art wall in the living room. One of the kind of posters that fits into almost any room in the home decoration. Size: 21 x 29,7 cm, sold with passepartout and frame (as in the picture above).

Read more about the cute small drawing in passepartout right here:

- Storm P, birds on the bike


Are your walls a little empty, and do you need something beautiful to hang on the wall in your home, this wonderful and surreal motif by the master of surrealsim, Salvador Dalì, might be the poster for your home decoration. A very beautiful and different poster. The size is 33 x 55 cm, and the poster can be bought with and without a frame.

Read more here:

- Salvador Dalì, Bertan de Horn




Absolutely wonderful and colorful Picasso poster with the most amazing colors, dircetly from Paris. The poster is glued to a cardboardplate which ensures the poster to be in the very best quality. Behind the Picasso poster is shown to of our beautiful posters from the webshop: The Sea Wall by Spilliaert, and The Moon by Max Ernst.

Read more here:

- Picasso, Maya Ruiz

- The Sea Wall

- The Moon



Three incredibly beautiful motives in black, white, grey and a bit of red. Wonderful posters for the living room with bookshelfs full of books in different colors. Stunning exhibition poster by Anna Stahn, the amazing "Acrobate" by Picasso, and Alexander Calders acrobate. 

Read more about all the posters here:

- Anna Stahn

- Acrobate by Picasso

- Alexander Calder




Do you have high ceilings in your house? Then you should take advantage of it, and focus on the height of your wall with art instead of the width! 

Advice: Green is a color that is going to be very popular in the home decoration in 22/23, so it would be a god idea to include it in your home, if you wanna join the trend.

Learn more about the posters from the picture here:

- The Moon, Wolfgang

- Pierre Bonnard

- Floating, Gold

- Melancholy Woman




We absolutely love the beautiful "new" poster in our webshop from Stoyville, Uppsala 1971. The blue/purple color and the big black text creates a wonderful, modern poster. The poster is 50 x 70 cm, and is available both framed and alone in our webshop.

Read more here:

- Uppsala 1971


Hammershøi, Ancher, Spilliaert and Picasso. Four incredibly beautiful posters all in different sizes, but with the same wonderful blue colortones. The blue, beige and green tones of color is a very popular choice, and fits very well in most home decorations.

Learn more right here:

- Behind the Woman

- Picasso, 1901

- Ancher in Pieces

- The Sea Wall, Spilliaert



This purple pretty palm poster brings the summer and colors right into the room, whether it is the living room or in the kitchen. Also, the palm poster works very well together with both the Fried Egg poster by Salvador Dalì, and the small "The Moon" from Louisiana.

Read more about all three posters below:

- Palm tree poster

- The Moon, Wolfgang

- Fried Egg, Dalì


These are three of our beautiful posters, which are unique in each of their own special way. This is a perfect example to show, that three very different posters actually can go very well together on the wall. Three different colorways and styles, but great together. 

Learn more about the posters here:

- The Moon

- The Study

- PP Furniture 




Behind the Woman by Hammershøi and Wave Pastel in the peach color are absolutely incredible together, especially in these amazing frames from our website. The cutest bluegrey tones and wonderful peachy colors, matching each other in the best way. A great poster set for det bedroom.

Read more here:

- Behind the Woman

- Wave Pastel, Peach


Three amazing posters for the kitchen walls.Hang them on the wall next to each other, or seperated on the kitchen walls, to create a cozy and wonderful atmosphere in the kitchen. A great way to bring colors and life into the kitchen. 

Read more about the posters here:

- Limone

- Gabriele Münter

- The Coffee girl



Three amazing posters in the most wonderful, comfortable and warm summercolors☀️😎. The three posters goes extremely well together, but looks stunning alone on the wall seperately as well. 

Learn more about the posters below:

- Agnes Heningsen 

- Waves

- Twins


The beautiful new palm tree poster looks very good next to both the Bonnard poster and the Dali poster, and has a wonderful botanic link to the Limone poster. All poster are available both with or without frame. 

Read more below:

- Palm

- Bonnard

- Limone





"Behind the woman" by Hammershøi and "Waves pastel" looks absolutely incredible together. The most wonderful glue and grey colortones and the peachy colors, that matches each other very well. A great combination of posters to hang in the bedroom🤩.

Read more about both posters here:

- Behind the woman

- Waves, pastel



The little fish in the bathtub look samazing next to "Surrender, dedication" by danish Kathrine Ærtebjerg, and the warm and wonderful colors from "Stuck on a feeling" for sure brings summer feelings to the combination of posters.

Read more about all three posters right here:

- Surrender, dedication

- Stuck on a feeling

- Fish in bathtub 



Our new KArl Isaksson poster is incredibly beautiful! A lot of wonderful colors and a stunning motif, which makes it fit on almost any wall in the home. And the price is only 80 pounds including the frame and shipment.

Learn more about all three posters from the picture right here:

- Karl Isaksson

- Martin Bigum 

- Jazzhus Montmartre

New poster for the kitchen?🤷‍♀️
The new wonderful series of posters just arrived in our shop, and they have the most lovely colorcombinations and motifs!🤩. "Køkkenkunst" is the danish word for "Kitchenart", and is the ideal poster for the walls in the kitchen. 
They are available in 2 sizes.  A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) og A2 (42 x 59,4 cm.)

Read more below:

- Kitchen art, blue


Have you seen the new series of posters called "In Pieces"? It is a modern rework of the beautiful portrait paintins by the famous artist-couple from Skagen in Denmark, P.S and Marie Krøyer together with Michael and Anna Ancher. The new lovely posters are a combination of classic tradition and modern colors. Thereby they fit into det home decor, where new and old furnitures are mixed. 

Read more about In Pieces and the other posters on this picture right here:

- Ancher In Pieces

- Spilliaert

- Linoleum



What is not to like about the beautiful beams from the sun in the spring months? On this picture the sun ligths up three beautiful posters on our wall in the shop. These are, form left to right, Edgar Degas, Gabriele Münter and Helen Schjerfbeck.  

Learn more about these amazing posters right here:

- Edgar Degas

- Gabriele Münter

- Helene Schjerfbeck



Three amazingly beautiful posters, with simple color tones in blue, black and white. These poster looks wonderful in a combination together, but also goes very well alone on a wall in your living room, bed room etc.

Read more here:

- Butterfly poster

- PP Møbler, Koch

- Henri Michaux (sold out)



Michael Chang and Picasso is an absolutely lovely match, if you, like me, are deeply in love with the violet color tones, without you want them to dominate the decoration of the home.

Learn more about the two gorgeous poster right here:

- Michael Chang

- Picasso Poete




There is a lot of fascinating and beautiful graphic circles and lines on these wonderful posters from our shop, in different sizes and shapes:

Learning from Japan 59,4 x 84 cm.
Bauhaus 50 x 70 cm.
(Small) Learning from Japan 40 x 30 cm.
Twins 30 x 30 cm.

Read more about all of them below:

- Learning from Japan

- Bauhaus

- Learning from Japan (Small)

- Twins



Three beautiful posters, with calm and simple, yet very gorgeous colors and motifs. Simple but not too discrete posters that fits very well in most of the rooms in the home.

Learn more below:

- Linoleum

- Trine Søndergaard

- Paul Klee



I absolutely love this pair of posters - lots of color, lots of impressions, and a lot to talk about. They go very well together on the wall, or each on their own. If u love abstract and unique posters, and you can not get enough of the red color, this is the perfect posters for you!

Read more about these amazing posters here:

- Kvium, The Entertainer

- Otto Dix



I get the most wonderful summer vibes when i look the these beautiful blue butterflies by Kamisaka. The poster is simple, yet very unique and good-looking, and fits very well with the amazing William Morris.

The poster size is 42 x 59,4 cm, and is available both with and without a frame.🤩

Read more about all the posters from the picture down below:

- Summer Feelings, Kamisaka

- William Morris

- Stuck on a feeling, blue



Three amazing motif, that fits absoutely perfect to a natural and simple home decor with tree furniture and classic lamps.

Read more below:

- PP Furniture

- Linoleum

- Learning from Japan



A you interested in making your walls look more exciting and colorful, but still have a simple and unique look? Then "A Hat Full of Rain" by Julian Schnables is worth taking a closer look at. We love the lightness and the depth of the motif.

Read mroe about it right down below:

- A Hat Full of Rain


A wonderful spring motif with the most amazing colors, that gives a lot of positive atmosphere to the room. A poster that fits absolutely stunning on the kitchen walls as well as the living room. The poster size is 50 x 70 cm, and the price is 47,60 euro.

Read more here:

- Still life, Maurer



The beautiful Geisha looks absolutely amazing surrounded by the most beautiful birds. Three absolute favorites for the spring walls in the home decoration. 

Read more about the posters here:

- Geisha

- The pink bird

- Songbird on blossom branch



Three amazing motifs with wonderful nordic colors. A stunning combination for the living room, summerhouse etc. Beautiful posters that goes well together as well as individually on the wall in the home.

Behind the woman 59,4 x 84 cm.
The sea wall: 50 x 70 cm.
Stuck on a feeling 29,7 x 42 cm.

Read more about the three wonderful posters below:

- Behind the Woman

- Stuck on a feeling

- The sea wall

"A.M." by Signe Bagger is such a beautiful poster, in the small size (as seen on the picture) as well as the bigger size. The small is A3, 29,7 x 42 cm, and the bigger one is 50 x 70 cm. Available alone as a poster, or framed in one of our amazing frames with real glass. 

Read more about all the poster from the picture right here:

- Linoleum

- Signe Bagger, A. M.

- The Swan, Hilma af Klint

- Stuck on a feeling, pink


Take a look at our new poster by Edward Lear called "The pink bird", a lovely poster perfect for the spring. A simple yet amazing poster to hang almost anywhere in your home. The poster size is 40 x 50 cm. Read more about it right here:

- Edward Lear, The pink bird



UBAC, Picasso, Trine Søndergaard, Keld-Helmter Petersen and small Galerie Maeght. Gorgeous posters in the wonderful and classy grey colortone. If you are ever in Copenhagen, these are all in our store. Come visit!

Read more about the posters here:

- UBAC (only available in the store)

- L'acrobat, Picasso

- Trine Søndergaard

- Galerie Maeght (only available in the store)




It is almost like the lines travels from one poster to another. Three of our very beautfiul graphic posters. An amazing combination to hang abov the couch or in the living room.

Read more about the posters here:

- Learning from Japan

- Bauhaus, Geometric poster

- Learning from Japan, Poul Kjærholm



Lindstrom - from the danish litography Clot, Bramsen & Ceorge in Paris. This poster is very limited, and is here seen in one of our white frames. Read more about the wonderful poster on our website below:

- Lindstrom - Clot, Bramsen & Ceorge (sold out)

The lovely anf famous fried egg poster - a wonderful motif by Salvador Dali from 1932. On this picture from our Instagram it is seen together with Califoriona "Purple Sand" and det small grafic motif "Twins". All three motifs are sold both with and without a frame. Read more about the posters here:

- Salvador Dali

- California "Purple Sand"

- Twins


Three stunning motifs, that do not necessarily needs to hang next to each other, but has a fine common thread. As an example, "Stuck on a feeling" could hang in the entrance room, the small Galerie Maeght on a small spot in the living room, and the Paul Klee poster between the windows or in the corner of the living room. In this way, you create a nice common thread from entrance to living room.

Read more about the three amazing posters here:

- Stuck on a feeling

- Galerie Maeght

- Paul Klee



It looks amazing with the small "Twins" poster on top of the wonderful Inge Hørup poster, and the big "Hilma af Klint" poster right next to it! Lots of colors and vibes for the living room, and a nice combination to hang over the couch.

Read more about all the poster down below:

- Twins

- Hilma af Klint

- Inge Hørup

It is finally here! The poster by Picasso of the wonderful acrobate called "L'acrobate", which we earlier had in a small size, is now available on the webshop in a size 50 x 70 cm. An absolutely lovely motif by the famous Pablo Picasso in beautiful grey and white colors.

Read more about the poster here:

- L'acrobate


Four of our beautiful posters from the webshop, in calm and light colors. Wonderful poster for your home decor in the spring and summer coming up! Read more about all the posters down here below:

- Elsa Kobenhavn

- Circus girl

- Floating, gold

- Man with beard

The most amazing, weird, bizarre, beautiful and colorful poster from Louisiana by Philip Guston called "The Studio". Wonderful red colors, in a fun and unique motif. On this picture from our Instagram it is shown exactly how good it looks when it is hanging on the wall. Find the poster right here:

- The Studio

The big, colorful and absolutely beautiful poster seen on the lift side, by J. F. Willumsen is in danish called "en Bjergbestigerske" which means "a mountaineer". An absolute favorite, and goes very well alone on the wall, or together with many other posters from the webshop. Read more about all three posters on the image here:

- "En Bjergbestigerske"

- Pierre Tal-Coat (not available)

- Stuck on a feeling, pink


Three stunning posters from the webshop, in calm and light colorways. Here they are seen framed in our solid oak tree frames with real glass. Read more about all three of the amazing posters down below:

- Woman at the shoreline

- The Sea Wall

- Amedeo Modigliani

Three of our beautiful and very poplar posters from the webshop. "Hilma af Klint", "Fish in bath - self-portrait", og "Stuck on a feeling - pink". Goes very well together, and are at the same time wonderful each on their own. Read more about prizes, sizes etc. right here:

- Hilma af Klint

- Fish in bath - self-portrait

- Stuck on a feeling, pink

Here is seen the beautiful and creative poster by Asger Jorn called "Graphic worker", on a enviromental picture, to show exactly how amazing it looks when hanging on a wall. On this picture the poter is seen in one of our oak wood frames. Read mroe about the size, price etc. of the poster below:

- Graphic worker

On this picture frm our Instagram is seen the amazing "Behind the Woman" in one of our beautiful dark oak frames. Such a beautiful poster that goes well with many other posters, but also looks stunning on its own. On its right side is seen the "Danseur sur le fil", and "Woman on shoreline". Read more about all the posters below:

- Behind the Woman

- Danseur sur le fil

- Woman on shoreline


A sneak peek on the inside of our store in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg. You are always welcome to come visit us in the open hours that can be found on the website. We will help you as much as we can, to make you chose the right posters for your home, that fits your style and taste. Come visit!


Hurray! Finally the wonderful and beloved Babette poster is back in store! The beautiful woman with the wine glass on a beautiful pastel yellow background is a popular choice with good reason. Read more about the lovely poster right here:

- Babette

On this picture from our Instagram is seen four of our wonderful posters in the popular and beautiful colors, blue and black. These posters combined creates the most lovely look, but they also work great seperately, with their own unique look. Read mroe about all the posters down below:

- Meloncholy Woman, Picasso

- Learning from Japan

- Tête de taureau

- Doves of peace

The poster dragging all the attention at the right side with its curry-yellow colors and amazing motif, is "The Dancer" by Haral Giersing. This wonderful poster is here seen with two other motifs from our webshop - "Linoleum" and a small Galerie Maeght motif. Read more about the motifs/posters right here:

- Harald Giersing

- Linoleum

- The Galerie Maeght poster is a store-exclusive

This is the perfect combination if you are looking for a light and simple, but still unique look. Three amazing and very popular motifs from our webshop. Read more about all three of them right here:

- Learning from Japan

- Linoleum

- PP Furniture

Seen in the middle is "Winterberry" in a mint blue color, that creates a cozy and nice wintery mood to the room it is hanging in. On each side of it is two other amazing posters from our webshop. You can read a lot more about all the posters seen on this picture from our Instagram right here below:

- Winterberry

- The Moon

- Stuck on a feeling, Blue

In Lisbeths hand is seen the "Doves of Peace". A really lovely poster with beautiful old wooden print with pigeons in blue and white and the text "This is a call out for all the doves, the world needs peace." The poster has a beautiful blue colour and an important message. It is a lovely art poster on its own or as part of a beautiful gallery wall.

Read more about the amazing poster right here:

- Doves of Peace

Three amazing posters from the webshop in calm, soft colors, that fits into any home decoration style. Goes very well together, but are also very unique and beautiful each on their own. Read more about the wonderful posters here, listed from left to right:

- Floating, Gold

- Portrait of a woman, Egon Schiele

- A slice of grief iris

The big and wonderful poster by Mark Rothko, that shows on this picture from Instagram how beautiful it looks when hanging on the wall in the home. The perfect poster for the living room!

Read more about the Mark Rothko poster down below:

- Mark Rothko

Some different poster from our webshop in amazing turquoise and pink colors, that looks truly beautiful in many different decoration styles in the home. Three differet artists, three different sizes, and each of its own unique and wonderful motif. Read more about the three posters here, listed from left to right:

- Watercolor, Stuck on a feeling

- Die Brücke, We call all young people

- Marsden Hartley, Flowers in a vase


Blue is an extremely popular color to use in the home decoration, and these two posters from our webshop shows exactly why. Two posters with the most beautiful blue colors, that goes well together with each other, but also each on its own. Learn more about the wonderful posters right here:

- William Morris 

- Basia Stryjecka

A beautiful small combination of two amazing posters from our webshop, "Cardenas" and "Two Women". These two posters together shows hpw good posters can look next to each other, even though they are not the same size - and that they do not necessarily have to hang on a wall to look good in the home.Read more about the two beautiful posters right here:

- Cardenas (not avalable)

- Two Women

This picture from our Instagram proves exactly how amazing the poster "The sea wal" looks on a wall in the home. With its wonderful, soft colors, and its amazing expression of the motif, this poster will fit in anywhere in the home. Read more about the beautiful Spilliart poster right here:

- The sea wall, Spilliaert

A small selection of our bigger posters from our webshop in size 70 x 100 cm, framed in some of our wonderful frames with solid oak tree and real glass. Read more about the three beautiful posters and the frames down below:

- Babette

- The naked eye on a welldressed lie, Kvium

- Aarhus Jazz Festival 2015




Three posters in calm and wonderfl colors, that fits into any decoration style in the home, with their modern beige and green colors. From left to right is seen "Linoleum", "Pond" by Mamma Andersson, and at the right sight the small Picasso artwork called "Tête de taureau". Read more about the posters down below:

- Linoleum

- Pond, Mamma Andersson

- Tête de taureau



Beautiful and colorful posters from our webshop, in an amazing combination, containing the modern pink and beige pastel colors. From left to right is seen the "Still life" by Henry Maurer, "Winterberry, rose" and "Stuck on a feeling, sand/purple". Read more about the prices, sizes etc. right here:

- Still life

- Winterberry

- Stuck on a feeling

A suggestion to an amazing poster combination including the wonderful curry-yellow Harald Giersing poster called "The Dancer" in the size 50 x 70 cm. Next to the beautiful yellow poster is seen two other wonderful posters, with less colors, more simplicity, but also very stylish and fits into almost any style of decoration. Read more about the posters below:

- The Dancer

- Linoleum

On this picture it is clearly illustrated exactly how our two new amazing posters fits on the walls in the home, with its amazing baby blue and black colors. Behind the dooris hidden the amazing "Behind the Woman" poster by "Vilhelm Hammershøi. CLose at the right is seen the wonderful "Woman at the shoreline" by Léon Spilliaert. Read more about the posters below:

- Behind the woman

- Woman at the shoreline



A small selection from our Instagram of our amazing red, rose and orange colored posters. In the middle is shown the new "Stuck on a feeling" by Basia Stryjecka. At the left is shown the wonderful jazz-poster by Finn Nygaard called "Tribute to Gerry Mulligan", with its beautiful soft colors, that creates light and positivity in the home. At the right you will see the amazing poster by Schjerfbeck called "Circus girl". Read more about the posters right here:

- Stuck on a feeling

- Tribute to Gerry Mulligan

- Circus girl


Opposite to the previous picture, this one is a more masculine combination of posters. Sports, red wine and dark colors. The combination of these creates a very unique wall of posters, with three different posters that contains each of its own amazing motif and expressions. The big picture at the left is the beautiful "Château de la roche Vasouy" by Cassandre, who is also the artist behind "Pivolo" in the top right corner. In the lower corner is seen "The Hands" by Edvard Munch. Read more about the wonderful posters here:

- Château de la roche Vasouy

- Pivolo

- The Hands



On this picture from our instagram is shown som eof our more feminine posters, with beautiful pink colors. The big poster at the right side is made by André Derain, and is called "Woman in chemise". At the upper left is seen "Le graphisme (rose)", and behind the lamp is hidden the picasso work of art called "The dove of peace". REad more about the posters below:

- Woman in chemise

- Le graphisme (rose)

- The dove of peace


Here the little man called "Le cirque, Danseur sur le fil" is shown with two of our new beautiful posters in the shop. The big poster of the woman seen from behind is called "Behind the woman", and is available in size A1 (59,4 x 84) both framed and without frame. In the lower right corner you will see the other new poster we have got, called "Woman at the shoreline" by Lëon Spilliaert. See more information about the wonderful posters here:

- Le cirque, Danseur sur le fil

- Behind the woman

- Woman at the shore line, Léon Spilliaert



On this picture from our instagram is shown an amazing composition of three of our truly beautiful posters. The combination of pink, green, gold etc. is combined by the big poster called "Flowers in a vase" by Marsden HArtley, the little "Twins", and "Floating" in gold. Read mroe about all of the posters down below

- Flowers in a vase

- Twins

- Floating, Gold



One of many amazing pieces of art by American Modernist painter, poet, and essayist, arsden Hartley. The amazing colors and an absolute wonderful motif creates the prettiest poster for the home decoration called "Pink Begonias". Available in the tree frame as shown in the picture, and in other colorways - can of course also be bought without a frame. Read more about the amazing poster below:

- Pink Begolias




A small seletion of three of our less colorful posters from the shop. Beside the amazing interplay between the three posters, they each on their own have beautiful, amazing motifs, with calm, but not too discreet color combinations. Three candidates for a safe, but still unique choice in the home decor. Read more about the poster right here:

- Marsden Hartley, Flowerpiece

- "Tête de taureau", small Picasso

- Louisiana channel

If you need some colors in your home decor, but do not want anything too eye catching, that steals all the attention from the rest of the room, we have three examples of amazing posters right here. "Tête de femme" by Picasso from Louisiana, "Still life" by Alfred Henry Maurer, and "Fontainebleau", are all wonderful, colorful and beautiful posters, that has a great impact on the home decor, without being too much. Read more about the wonderful posters here:

- "Tête de femme", Picasso, Louisiana

- Still life

- Fontainebleau


With its strong and beautiful message, "doves of peace" is found in the middle of the picture with its amazing motif with wonderful blue colors and the most pretty motif. On each side of the poster, there is shown two of our other very popular and unique poster. At the left is shown "woman in chemise", and on the right "The moon" by Max Ernst. Read more about the poster below:

- Woman in chemise

- Doves of peace

- The moon, Max Ernst

In the center is shown the fantastic and adventurous William Morris poster, with an absolutely amazing motif that you wil want to look at forever. At the left we have Choucroute, which is always a winner, and has become a very popular choice in the modern homes around the world. And last but not least, at the right, we have the "Circus girl", with its amazing rose and beige colors, that fits into almost any home decor. Read more about the beautiful posters below:

- William Morris

- Choucroute

- Circus girl

Beautiful poster from our webshop with calm colors that fits into any home decor. Amazing soft blue and beige colors, which loks great anywhere in the home; living room as well as bedroom. At the right is shown the "Tête de femme" by Picasso from Louisiana, with the pretty and modern babyblue colors. At the left in the white frame is shown "The sea wall" by Léon Spilliaert. And last but not least, in the middle, you'll see the small Galerie Maeght passepartout by Pierre Tal-coat, with its simple but yet vert unique motif and expression. Read more about the posters below:

- The sea wall, Spilliaert

- Tête de femme, Louisiana, Picasso

- Galerie Maeght, Tal-coat


Three different posters, three different sizes, three different expressions, which each of its own amazing impression on the home decor. At the right is shown the beautiful Choucroute poster of the woman with the pink background in a size 70 x 100 cm. At the left is shown the "nude in the interior" poster by Bonnard, in size A2, with its beautiful colorful motif and amazing brush strokes.  In the middle of the picture is seen the small Galerie Maeght passepartout by Pierre Tal-coat, which fits into almost any wall in the home, with its simple, yet unique and stylish expression. Read more about the posters here:

- Choucroute

- Bonnard

- Galerie Maeght, Tal-coat


Another wonderful selection from our webshop full of beautiful posters. If you are looking for some colors in the home decor, but are afraid that colors on the wall will attract all the attention from the rest of the decor, then these posters are the perfect choice. From upper left corner to lower right corner is shown these four posters: Elsa Kobenhavn (Louisiana), Linoleum, "For my love" by Storm P, and "man with beard (red)". Read more about the wonderful posters below:

- Elsa Kobenhavn, Louisiana

- Linoleum

- For my love, Storm P

- Man with beard (red)



Three of our art motifs from the webshop, with each of their own beautiful motif, in different beautiful colors. In the middle is seen the poster from Louisiana called "Still life with red salad servers". At the left we have the beautiful pink poster of a woman by Edgar Degas called "Drawing of a lady", and at the right we have shown the "Selfportrait" by Helene Schjerfbeck. Read much more about the posters here: 

- Selfportrait

- Still life with red salad servers

- Drawing of a lady


Reecently green has become a very popular color in the fashion world as well as in the world of art, and this has its reasons. Take a look at these beautiful posters with the green color, creating an amazing expression each on its own, and together! At the right is seen the the beautiful woman called "En Bjergbestigerske" (in english "the mountaineer"). Lower left is the green Louisiana poster called "The moon - Wolfgang", and in the top left corner is the little amazing poster called "Twins". Read more about these and other posters from our shop here:

- En bjergbestigerske "the mountaineer"

- The moon, Wolfgang.

- Twins. Rose/green


Some of our more elegant, and less colorful posters. Absolutely beautiful motifs, with wonderful expressions. From left to right is seen: "Hovedtøj" (in english "Headgear") by Trine Søndergaard, "Linoleum", and "Die hexe mit dem kamm" by Paul Klee. See more about the amazing posters here: 

- "Hovedtøj" ("Headgear")

- Linoleum

- Die hexe mit dem kamm

Three of our beautiful posters in pink and red colors each of its own unique and amazing expressions. At the right is seen "express yourself", with a beautiful woman in a dress, in front of a wonderful red/pink background. At the lower left is the beautiful poster with the berries called "Winterberries", and over that is the elegant and stylish "Twins" in rose and red. Read more about the posters here:

- Twins. Rose/red

- Winterberry

- Express yourself


Some of our many beautiful posters for the home. "The world needs peace" will fit on any wall in your home, with its amazing and important message, and wonderful motif. At the right is the popular "The Moon", which always is a winner. And on the left is "Woman in chemise", with stunning blue and pink colors. Read more about the posters here:

Three of our amazing posters from the shop. In the middle is the cute red shoes by Anne Risum, in a passepartout, framed. At the right is Femme Blonde by Helene Schjerfbeck, with beautiful blue and grey colors. And last but not least, the beautiful Louisiana poster "Yves Klein" at the left. Read more about the posters here:



One of many amazing, absurd, weird, and incredibly exciting works by Kvium, called "The Boss", together with two of our other beautiful motifs from our shop. Read more about the posters here:

The delicate O'Keeffe poster looks so beautiful paired with Picasso and Martin Bigum. The 3 posters shown on this picture, including beautiful oak nature frames with real glass, cost £ 283.00 including shipping.

Of course, you can also choose dark or black oak frames for the posters.

A combination of posters in 70 x 100 cm and the beautiful Walton Ford from Louisana 😍

All of the posters shown in this image are available on our webshop both with and without frames.

3 very nice posters that look beautiful on both white and colored walls.

Marsden Hartley (59,4 x 84 cm.)
Floating Gold (33 x 55 cm.)
Twins (30 x 30 cm.)

All 3 posters are sold both without and with frames with real glass



Asger Jorn, Marie Bayo and Edvard Munch is a very nice combination of graphic expressions and nice colors. This combination looks nice in both a living room or in an office and these 3 posters are a good start if you wish to create a large gallery wall.

(All of the posters are sold with and without frames)

There is something very delicate and calming about this beautiful motif from the exhibition "Learnings from Japan" in 2015.

If you want a more stringent look, you can choose a black frame for the motif.

This beautiful Poul Kjærholm sketch is sold with passepartout and an oak frame.


The poster "The Genius Iris" by William Rickatson Dykes is incredibly beautiful.

The poster is 42 x 59,4 cm. and adds a lovely pop of color to your home. 

Dried Flowers, Japanese bird abstract lines and the portrait of Francoise are all posters that look very good combined. 

All 4 motifs including frames and shipping cost £ 282.00 and are ready to hang up in anywhere in your home.

Do you also love Lousiana's Walton Ford - the one with the kingfishers, the fish and the pink text? If you do, then we are certain that you will love Kevin Sloan's fantastic motifs that are filled with colors and symbolism.

There are 4 motifs from Kevin Sloan and they are all very nice. They look good both in the living room, bed room or in the bathroom.

William Morris "Blue, Martin Bigum's "Sketch of a Lady" and the lovely Limone Grey/Blue. 3 very nice posters for the living room ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are happy to annouce that the American artist Georgia O'Keeffe, also know as "The Mother of American modernism", is now a part of our assortment.

Together with other female artists, Georgia O'Keeffe fought for the right to be a part of the art history.

Georgia O'Keeffe was particularly known for her floral motifs that some male art critics found represented the female genitals 🤔.

However, Georgia O'Keeffe has rejected this interpretation several times.

Lots of lovely motifs that offer a nice atmosphere to the living room 😊 Mix the different sizes of motifs to create a beautiful gallery wall.

Lots of lovely motifs that offer a nice atmosphere to the living room 😊 Mix the different sizes of motifs to create a beautiful gallery wall.

The new poster "Memorial Garden" by the American artist Kevin Sloan is incredibly beautiful. 
We just launched 3 new motifs by Kevin Sloan on our webshop.

This poster can both be purchased with or without frame 👏🏼💙


The fantastic original lithograph poster "Dodeigne chez Jean Leroy" from Paris is a perfect example of how black and white posters can be very beautiful! 🖤 🤍 🇫🇷 

Dodeigne chez Jean Leroy

Finally, the sun is shining and the light pastels become even more beautiful. We are ready for summer! ☀️ And even if we cannot go to festivals this summer, our homes can still be filled with music and a good atmosphere with Finn Nygaard's beautiful Jazz poster 🎷 🎵 🎶

Find the posters here:

The Genus Iris

Paul Klee

Jazz plakat, Gerry Mulligan

Modern Women


Three really beautiful motifs with beautiful contrasts. The dark green Louisiana is as made for California and the small bottle from Galerie Maeght creates associations to bottle mail in the waves of the Californian desert. 🌊 🌅 💕

Find the beautiful posters here:

California, Peach

Lille Galerie Maeght

Louisiana, The moon Wolfgang

Andrè Derain's poster "Woman in Chemise" is filled with beautiful colors that light up a basic, white wall. The poster is  59,4 x 84,1 cm and can be purchased with or without frame, ready to be hung up 📘 📚 👩🏼‍🦰

Find the poster here:

Woman in Chemise

We love Peter Kjær Andersen and his fantastic and beloved "Le st. Jacques". This poster has the most delicate colors that compliment the beautiful posters "Blue" by William Morris and the "Linoleum" by Marie Bayo 🍷💛

Find the posters here:

Le St. Jacques


Blue, William Morris



Incorporate lots of colors to the kitchen with these lovely fruitposters with motif painted by Kai Gade Hansen. 🍌  🍉  🍎  🍆 There are 9 really beautiful posters in this series and they are available in 3 sizes. 

Find the posters here:




The Max Ernst poster "The Moon" is simply beautiful 🌛🌌  💙 The poster is 70 x 100 cm. and can be purchased with and without frame. On this picture, the poster is paired with our oak nature frame that gives it a very light look. 

Find the poster here:


A selection of our fantastic posters in our showroom! 🌈  🌏  🖼

Find all the posters here:

THELONIOUS MONKPOPEYE AND OLIVE OYL – WE ARE ALL EQUALLight BreakDITLEV, PARISIAN CAFÉHilma af KlintChocroute, Babette (udsolgt), OccidentMartin Bigum sketch - blueMartin Bigum sketch

Beautiful posters in nice springcolors with blue skies and sunshine☀️ Three posters that compliment each other 💙💙

Find all the posters here:

Jazzhus, Johnny Griffin


Vin de Letz



The two very beautiful Sussi Trampedach motifs are filled with details and colors that only become more fantastic and intense the longer you look at it 🥰🧡🧡

Find the posters here:

Sussi Trampedach ST19

Sussi Trampedach ST10



Beautiful motif by Egon Schiele with calm colors combined with two other posters to match it 😍 🥰

Find the posters here:

Pink sky

Egon Schiele


Two fantastic posters with abstract expressions and beautiful pink and turquoise colors that pop 🎨 🎭 💘

Find the posters here:

Paul Klee


Some nice options for a childrens room - for many ages. 

A beautiful Zoo poster with a giraffe and an educative alphabet poster🦒 🔤 ❤️

Find the posters here:

Red Giraffe

Alphabet Poster


Three good options for a darker type of interior design on the walls 🖼 Really beautiful posters that look good together but are nice on their own as well. 🚬 🤎

Find the posters here:

Munch, Kysset


Vilhelm Hammershøi

Two unique posters that match well! Beautiful, yellow and blue colors 🌅 🙎🏼‍♀️ In the background, the beautiful "A Centruy of Danish Chairs," is seen and it looks good with most combinations of posters.

Find the posters here:

A Century of Danish Chairs

Hotel Room

Portrait of Hanne Wilhelm


Beautiful posters that are a bit more feminine with beautiful pink colors 💅🏼  🌸 🌷

Find the posters here:

Drawing of a Lady, Edgar Degas

Twins, rosa/green

Bowl of Flowers

Lace. Pink and red

Max Beckmann