A.M. Cassandre

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Posters by the artist Cassandre

If you are searching for some new cool art posters, consider some of the classic posters designed by Frenchman Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron. The cool Adolphe Mouron Cassandre posters are available in several different sizes and with many different designs. You can certainly fine the poster that you think is very cool and that just fits right into your personal style. Posters in this style will fit into many different homes. The posters are made in a very graphic style that is timeless and still relevant today, although many of the posters were made many years ago.


Cassandre is his artist name. He was of French-Ukrainian origin. He was a trained painter and draftsman and has designed some of the most classic posters to date. He was born in 1901 and died in 1968. He made his big break as a young artist in 1923. Throughout his time as a poster artist he developed his own style. His style was largely inspired by the Cubist style. This distinctive style can be clearly seen in the works of Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet, painted in 1932, and Normandy, painted in 1935.

Cassandre as a source of inspiration

Cassandre has over time proven to be one of the very central poster artists. His style has been the source of inspiration for many artists around the world. Many of the very large Danish poster artists have also been largely inspired by his work and the general style of the works. Great Danish poster artists such as Ib Andersen and Aage Rasmussen have thus been inspired by Cassandre's works. The two Danish artists performed works at about the same time with Cassandre and have thus been inspired by his powerful style.


If you would like some new wall decorations on your walls, you may want to choose some of the classic posters. Most posters are still being reprinted today, which means you can get the classic retro style into your home without having to hunt for the original works. This would be a very expensive and slow process. Instead, you can print new posters exactly the size you want and with the frame you like best. Maybe the perfect poster should be big and have a black frame. Or maybe it should just be a series of smaller posters that together can give a strong expression.