About us

The history of the company 


Permild & Rosengreen is an old poster store, established in 1947. It is actually the oldest poster store in Denmark. Our mission has always been to decorate and add style and atmosphere to the home of the customer. 

Permild & Rosengreen have a huge selection of posters for all the rooms and walls in the home. Among many others, we have retro posters, design posters, posters for kids, Louisiana posters, Zoo posters and art posters. The list of posters is long, so lean back and explore our big selection of poster art on the website, or visit our wonderful showroom in Roskilde, Denmark.

We keep getting more new stunning posters in our shop, from both famous and unknown artists. If you want to get updated and inspired, we will recommend signing up for our newsletters.

Permild & Rosengreen produces and delivers posters, postcards and magnets to, among others, Illums Bolighus, Designmuseum Danmark, Tivoli, Bakken, Louisiana, Arnold Busck, Posterland and many more galleries and museums around the world.


Our concept


We wish to create the best atmosphere possible.


Denmark is the country of coziness, and even though it is hard to explain what coziness (danish word: “hygge”) really is, we see ourselves as suppliers of both coziness, atmosphere and style. At Permild & Rosengreen coziness/“hygge” is considered as the state of joy, well-being and feeling safe. A beautiful framed poster on the wall is an important piece to achieve this exact feeling. 

We all have each our own style, one as good and full of style and positive atmosphere as the other. In our shop we do our best to have posters for every taste of art, black/white posters as well as abstract posters full of colors. At Permild & Rosengreen we sell posters of the highest quality, for affordable prices with quick delivery. Our selection of art posters, design posters, retro posters and vintage posters is wide, and we have posters from more than 60 different artists and designers. In our shop you can both find giant posters, standard sized posters, and small posters. All of our posters are available with frames in different colors, made of oak wood, mounted with real glass. We always recommend buying a frame for your poster to achieve the best expression from the poster. 


Contact us today


Permild & Rosengreen

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We always wish to give the customer the best experience when buying posters. That is why we have fast delivery, good customer service, and are always ready to give you qualified advice about combining posters with each other, and make them match your home, so that you achieve the look you want.

We are excited about every single order, and always send our packages with the expectation of creating happiness and atmosphere wherever the poster is going to hang. 


Why to pick Permild & Rosengreen when buying posters 


Permild & Rosengreen offers you the best place to buy posters to an affordable price. We have posters on our website to every taste. Since Permild & Rosengreen is one of the biggest poster-selling online stores in Denmark, you can safely shop at our website without any doubts. 

Permild & Rosengreen are members of Dansk e-handel, which is your guarantee for safe and easy online shopping. Dansk e-handel only certifies the good and trustworthy webshops, and we are proud of our good image in both Denmark and the rest of the world. 

You are always welcome to come visit our shop in Roskilde and take a look.

We know it is not always easy to pick the right poster for the living room, entrance room, bedroom or bathroom. The decision can sometimes take a long time, and it can be very hard to decide. That is why you are always welcome to visit our store in Roskilde, Denmark and take a good look at the poster before buying it. We are happy to show you how the poster looks in different frame colors. The frame plays a big role in the expression of your poster, which is why we have frames of the highest quality. 

So if you are ever in Denmark, the Permild & Rosengreen shop in Roskilde is sure worth a visit!