Julie Bidstrup

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A dream of art

Danish Julie Bidstrup resigned from her job in the advertising industry a few years ago to pursue her dream. A dream of being able to live off of the art. The art she loves so much. Therefore, she opened her art gallery “BidsArt” in Vanløse, Denmark in 2017. To celebrate this, over 300 people showed up and since that Julie Bidstrup has had a lot of success.


Political messages and crooked lines

Julie Bidstrup creates paintings, lithographs and collages, which are often based on contentious political debates and messages. In addition, Julie Bidstrup is deeply inspired by street art, impressionism and Tim Burton’s crooked and crazy lines. But she is not only fascinated by political messages and crooked lines. Julie Bidstrup is also captivated by the perfect in the non-perfect. With her posters of innocent girls, she captures feelings such as sadness, chaos and rest, which contrasts sharply with the great use of colour. This contrast gives the posters an irresistible duplicity.

Put the icing on the cake

The lovely posters of Julie Bidstrup’s beautiful paintings can be purchased with a fine wooden frame here at Permild & Rosengreen. If you want to highlight the vibrant soul and the beautiful colours, try buying the poster with a natural or dark oak frame. If you, on the other hand, are more into a little edge and attitude, then you should buy the poster with a nice black wooden frame, which is guaranteed to put the icing on the cake.