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On a mission to save the World

Børnebanden is an exciting book with parallels to the Danish children’s books ”Find Holger” and ”Flunkerne”. In Børnebanden, it is the task of the reader, the children, to help the characters James, Tracy, Felix and Penny get through their secret mission. A mission to save the World from the villain, Baron von Myllers, and his evil deeds. The characters and reader travel together through ice age, Viking age and present to handle the situation. And now you and your children also have the opportunity to make your way through the missions on poster.

Complete the missions together

Here at Permild & Rosengreen you get the most beautiful, most detailed posters from the Universes in Børnebanden. See, among other things, the poster with the mission through Greenland, which is in the finest cold colours and shades, including blue and grey. Or explore the poster and the many details at Copenhagen Central Station. Stand with your children and find the items that needs to be found on the poster in order to complete the mission in the given universe. The posters are thus made for fun with the involvement of all family members.