Posters for kids

Here you will find children's posters with cute expressions and childish motifs. You can choose among fun animal designs or our popular posters with The Tale of Two Mozzies by Flemming Quist Møller. Our posters on the site will also be ideal for both christening or birthdays.

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Decorate the nursery with children's posters

Not all parents are into decorating the nursery. For some people it is just a room where the child has his bed, his clothes and his toys. However, in these modern times when interior design is becoming more and more popular, it is also becoming increasingly popular to decorate the nursery according to the very correct principles. When designing a children's room, you must of course think it must be practical. The child must be able to play on the floor and there must be no things that the child can destroy.

If you want to decorate the children's room while it is convenient for the child to play in, you can use things on the walls to make the room nice and inviting. The things you hang on the wall should also be fun for the child to look at. You can hang posters with animals for children. You can hang all kinds of cool and fun posters for children on the walls. For fun, you can hang posters where kids can learn things. It could, for example. be posters with the alphabet or posters with the numbers. It could also be posters with different animals. There are many possibilities.

Fun and educational children's posters

If you would like to decorate posters with the children's room, which are both beautiful and can also be used for children to learn a little, this is easy to do. You can eventually get many nice educational posters, which will at the same time decorate nicely in the room. For example, you can buy the traditional alphabet posters. Here each alphabet has a fun character that starts with the letter in question. These posters are available in many different editions. For example, they are found in both boys and girl editions. They are fun and whimsical and the kids can use the posters to learn the alphabet.

You can also get posters with all kinds of different animals on. Many of these posters are organized by theme. This means that many of these posters exist. To make it extra nice, you can combine some of these posters and hang them together. For example, you can buy a poster with farm animals. Then your children can learn what the different farm animals are called. You can also get posters of forest animals and animals on the savannah. That way, your children can learn something while the posters decorate nicely in the nursery.

Art for the kids room

At Permild and Rosengreen we love art posters and this can also be noticed on our wide range of art posters for children, which are ideal for decorating the children's room. Our posters have an artistic expression without being overly serious - since the artistic angle of the children's poster gives the poster a definite funny expression. Our posters are made by famous artists such as. Flemming Quist Møller, who has created the bicycle mosquito, but also other well-known artists such as H.C Andersen and Hanne Bartholin, who have created a lot of exciting animal designs that fit perfectly in the children's room, all of which we have here on our website.