There is a difference on the walls and their importance when decorating your home

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The motifs hanging on our walls have great importance for both the atmosphere and style in the room. Some want a common thread and the same color scheme throughout the home to create a calm and harmonic atmosphere. Others wish to decorate every single room in a different style so every room offers a different experience. There is nothing right or wrong when decorating your home as long as it gives you a pleasant feeling of feeling at home.


When we decorate and pick posters for the living room it is not completely random where we place them. When we decorate homes with posters here at Permild & Rosengreen, we always divide the walls into primary and secondary walls. We do this because there is a big difference in the impact that the walls have on the atmosphere and the look of the interior design. Primary walls are the walls that give a long lasting atmosphere and the secondary walls are the ones which purpose is to give a “wow” effect where the shoulders rise to the ears in excitement


Example of primary and secondary walls in the living room

The wall behind the sofa is a secondary wall. This is because these posters are hidden from our point of view most of the time when we are sitting in the sofa. Here, our attention is focused on the tv, a book or a newspaper rather than the wall behind us. Our backs are facing this wall and the purpose of the motifs behind the sofa is thus to make a “wow” effect as the first impression when we enter the living room or before we sit down to direct our focus to the expressive walls. You can easily turn up both the colors and have a bold combination behind the sofa because it is “hidden” most of the time when being in the living room. When decorating your living room, is it therefore a good idea to figure out whether the wall that you want to decorate with motifs is a primary wall or a secondary wall as the one above the sofa.


The walls that you are looking at from the sofa are seen as a primary wall because we put our focus on this wall for longer periods of time. We recommend choosing motifs for the tv-wall that are more toned down to make space for the brain to rest. There is a battle for our attention today and this is why we recommend our customers to avoid placing motifs with portraits right beside the tv. Portraits with eyes attract our attention to a higher degree - and we are automatically attracted when others are “looking” at us. We are social beings and we wish to feel connected with others. This is why we naturally seek eye contact which also is the case with a motif on the wall.

To make a pleasant interior design with posters in your home it is a good idea to figure out whether the wall you want to decorate is a primary or a secondary wall.


Other examples of secondary walls where you can easily use vibrant colors:

  • The wall behind you when you are sitting at your desk in the office.
  • The wall against the headboard of your bed is leaned against.
  • The walls in a closed entrance.
  • The wall behind the toilet.


The posters shown in the picture above:

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