It's difficult to find the right motive

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In these days, we encounter many people who are on the hunt for THE MOTIF – the very specific and absolutely right motif that will create the perfect atmosphere in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

However, the problem is that our mood and the emotions we experience, whether we are happy about new love, have landed the dream job, are expecting a new family member, or, on the contrary, are facing challenges and changes – they all influence the desired atmosphere.

So, one day you may be looking for something lively, fresh, and colorful, while the next day you may seek something calm and subdued. And one motif cannot encompass it all. Instead of chasing the one, perfect motif, you should choose the motif that speaks to you right now, both in colors and expression, and let this mood fill the room. Because that is the mood you need right now. And perhaps not in a year.

... but when you have our frames, the motif can easily be changed back and forth – the frames withstand many changes. You don't need to hide the old motif – it can simply take an art pause behind the new motif until you again wish to change the mood back.

So, don't go searching for the perfect motif, because as mentioned, there is not just one motif that can encompass all our emotions. In the webshop, you can easily search for new motifs that fit your existing frames or the desired spot in your home: Simply search for sizes that fit the frames you already have or the size that fits over the dresser, table, bed, or a specific wall piece.

Below, you'll find the most sought-after sizes. So, tackle those white walls or renew the atmosphere according to the mood and emotions present now.

You can also search by colors in the search field.


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