Circus girl

Circus girl

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Sizes: 50 x 70 cm, A1 (59,4 x 84 cm), 70 x 100 cm and 100 x 140 cm.

Beautiful art poster by Helene Schjerfbek called "Circus girl". This feminin, artistic poster has a calm and stylish expression with its positive and pleasent colors, which fits perfect in a room with the same expression. The contrast between the red, attention-catching lips of the circus girl, and the soft colors around her gives a beautiful and satisfying look.

50 x 70 cm.
A1 (59,4 x 84 cm.)
70 x 100 cm.
100 x 140 cm.
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At Permild & Rosengreen we do everything we can, to take care of the environment.
This poster is produced with 230 grams matt FSC-certified paper, that assures responsibly managed forests. It assures that there will be cut down no more trees than the forest can reproduce. FSC is also a safety of protection for the life of animals and plants in the nature, and proper working conditions for the workers of the forest.