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The perfect gift

Here at Permild & Rosengreen you will find, among many other great posters, the two nice and simple date posters. The posters each have their own expression but the same purpose - namely to encircle an important date. Are you friend getting married or does your son have his birthday coming up? Are you going to spoil the girlfriend on the anniversary, or maybe else? Then this poster is perfect for you.

Document the date

Some dates are more important than others. Document your wedding or birthday with these date posters. You have the choice between DATE POSTER 3.0 and DATE POSTER. PERSONAL POSTER. The former puts a lot of focus on the date by the fact that it is that big in the middle of the poster and the remaining information, such as month and year is below in smaller print. The latter also centers the date itself, but also emphasizes the day of the week, which is written at the top of the poster. This can be purchased in colour to suit your personal taste. Choose from army green, dusty blue, gray, yellow, orange, petroleum and pink.